Past Projects and Events

Safety Strategies: Mapping McGill (Growth on the Horizon) — March 22, 2018

Right to Campus participated in Growth on the Horizon: A Day of Arts-Based Healing at McGill, a student-initiated, arts-based project aimed at understanding, addressing, and healing from rape culture and gendered violence on campus. We held a mapping workshop where, through the use of art supplies, participants mapped the “safety strategies” they employ within the campus context. We looked at maps of McGill's campus and surrounding areas, and used art to explore our personal experiences of those spaces. It was an opportunity to discuss accessibility, equity, and safety at McGill. Safety strategies are any tools, resources, or approaches we use in our day-to-day lives to increase our feeling of safety (safety is not limited to physical safety, but also our feelings of comfort, access, ease, etc) in the space around us. This event was inspired by “Safety Strategies: Space, Gender, and the City”, a collaborative drawing project by Montreal-based artists Caroline Alexander and Cynthia Hammond.

Toolkit Launch — November 23, 2017

After the completion of our Toolkit, we hosted a launch event to celebrate its completion and to inform some of McGill's clubs and services, staff and administration, and other community members on how the Toolkit works and why it's important. After a reception with food and drink, we gave an introductory presentation on Right to Campus and the contents of the Toolkit, and finished by facilitating a group discussion. This was an opportunity for us to see which parts of the Toolkit the people in attendance had most responded to, as well as to find out what they thought the Toolkit was missing, and how we could better improve Right to Campus in the future. 

Hannah and Arianne Presenting at the Launch Event

Outdoor Storytelling Café — September 28, 2017

Right to Campus collaborated with Café Collab to host an Outdoor Storytelling Café as part of McGill’s Community Engagement Day. We invited any and all students, staff, faculty and community members to share their stories and ideas for breaking isolation and building community on campus. There were art stations set up for anyone to contribute to the discussions using drawing, painting, and writing. Three discussion prompts were provided: “If you could go back to visit yourself in your first year studying/working/teaching, what advice would you give?”, “If you could communicate a message to all students, staff, or faculty, what would it be?”, and “What makes you feel supported?/What campus and off campus resources support you?/What would your ideal support systems look like?”. We also recorded anonymous interviews to be used during a radio interview with the Dean of Students.


The purpose of the event was to create a space for students, staff, and faculty to discuss common issues, foster community, and break through silos of isolation between these different sections of the McGill community. Special thanks to Midnight Kitchen for providing food and drinks, and to all the faculty, students, and community members who came out to the event and shared their experiences with us!


Check out some photos from the event below, and stay tuned for a zine featuring artwork and discussion quotes from the event...

“area codes” Art Exhibition at Studio XX — March 23, 2017

Our art show was held in order to celebrate the power of resistance through maximalist beliefs. “area codes” was a confrontational environment that amplified the visibility of important concepts produced by female-identified artists. Through materialized works by those that have been other-d through partisanship, a radical space was created that highlighted a Canadian experience.

The aim of this show was to speak to the goals of Women In Cities International and the Right to Campus Campaign; to raise awareness on issues surrounding the right to public space, and navigating it as women and gender non-conforming people. It was held in commemoration of Anti-Street Harassment Week, International Women’s Day, and the last few days of the sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women. 

Check out some of the photos from the exhibition below...

Film Screening & Panel Discussion Featuring the Documentary “Unslut" — January 23, 2017


In collaboration with the Union for Gender Empowerment (UGE), Right to Campus hosted a screening of Unslut: A Documentary Film. The screening was followed by a panel discussion of three speakers: Kathryn Travers (Executive Director of WICI), Professor Vrinda Narain (Associate Professor & Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law), and Dr. Carine Hamel (Psychiatrist at Mental Health McGill). The purpose of the screening was to raise awareness on issues pertaining to sexual bullying and gender based violence. Several dimensions were discussed such as the ways in which GBV impacts mental health, people of different identities/intersection, and women’s navigation/occupation of public space.

Fall 2016 Academic Research Projects

As a part of independent study projects, both Dina and Arianne worked to complete research projects. Both projects concerned how identity impacted one’s perceptions and experienced of safety on and around McGill’s campus. 

McGill’s SEAMLESS Conference

Throughout the year we are participating in the Student Executives at McGill, Learning, Engaging, Sharing, & Strategizing (SEAMLESS) conference series hosted by McGill’s Campus Life and Engagement Department. The goal of this conference is to engage with the various stakeholders on campus and to learn the ways in which to create and propagate change. 




Studio XX: Safety Strategies Workshop 

“Safety Strategies is a collaborative art project that seeks to critically explore and creatively document how women and self-identified women, trans, members of the LGBTQ community, and women with limited mobility build a sense of safety when negotiating Montreal’s urban environments. While cities are often poorly designed and potentially dangerous, they are not unalterable.” As participants in this workshop, we created memory maps of the safety strategies we utilize when navigating public space. The resulting maps can be seen on the safety strategies project website.

Park(ing) Day - September 16, 2016

Right to Campus participated in Montreal’s first ever inter-university Park(ing) Day. On the Western side of Phillips Square we will be turned parking spaces into a pop-up social event. The event included a Grafeteria where students could exchange stuff, as well as participate in urban agriculture, student expos, roundtables/flexible discussion groups, and a creative arts section.

Take a look at what our friends from Park(ing) Day had to say on having an equal right to space...

Arianne and Dina at the SEAMLESS Conference  

 The Community Engagement Day Safety Audit Team

McGill's Community Engagement Day (CED) — September 29, 2016

As a part of McGill’s Community Engagement Day, we conducted two safety audits on and around McGill’s downtown campus to determine issues pertaining to perceived/real safety on campus according to the participating students. One of the audits was conducted during the day, and the other during the night, in order to gather a more comprehensive understanding of safety on campus. 

The safety audit consisted of three parts– an introductory discussion with background information regarding the use of safety audits and the way in which it will unfold, followed by the safety audit itself, and then a debriefing where we discuss and summarize our findings. Our safety audit is intersectional in nature and ensures the inclusion and consideration of not only gender,, but as well those of varying visible minorities, those of varying sexualities, those of varying (dis)abilities etc. 

After the walk we had a discussion/ debrief, where we discussed key issues and concerns we found in order to compile a list of recommendations based on our experiences, perceptions, and views. We are following up by setting up a meeting with McGill Security in order to present our recommendations. For more information on safety audits and how to conduct one of your own, visit our page on safety auditing!

McGill Orientation Development 2016

We worked extensively with McGill’s Orientation Development Coordinator to reframe and develop the training provided to the Orientation Leaders facilitating Frosh. We implemented changes to the material in order to make it intersectional in nature, giving special consideration to the importance of the primacy of respect and equity. Covering issues such as alcohol, drugs, emergencies, McGill student culture, self-care, and active by by-standing, we reframed all material in terms of space, with the underlying value being everyone’s equal right to space during Orientation.

The “Core Leader Training” is material from the training sessions held before Orientation, and the “Frosh Leader Guide” served as a mini-manual for Frosh Leaders to keep the information they learned during training at their finger tips.

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