Meet Our Team


I've recently graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Women’s Studies. I started volunteering at WICI throughout the 2016 summer where Arianne and I first met and developed the Right to Campus (RTC) campaign. The concept of RTC is based on the idea of space being a dynamic parameter that can frame our everyday experiences in terms of space, be they physical, emotional, mental, or even personal. This has been implemented through a lot of our projects. I, however, am particularly fascinated by the concept of space, because I think that its a multi-dimensional concept that can easily be applied to a variety of experiences. For example, some days I feel safer in my headspace than I do in any physical space. I think on certain days, I find solace in certain physical spaces as an escape from my emotional and mental spaces. Its provided a platform for me to better explain and understand the ways in which I myself and even other people navigate their different identities and expressions.


I’m in my fourth year in Sociology and Gender, Sexuality, Social Justice, and Feminist Studies (GSFS) at McGill. Along with working on Right to Campus, I am a Research Intern at the non-profit Women in Cities International, and a Research Assistant on the IMPACTS project at McGill. Thanks to our amazing team, working on the Right to Campus campaign has been extremely rewarding and an overall great experience. To me, having a right to your campus means ensuring all students experience complete physical and social accessibility within their university’s context.


I am a recent graduate of McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, World Cinemas, and Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies. I manage communications and social media at the non-profit network Women in Cities International, which is how I met the amazing team that started Right to Campus! I am very interested in feminist media making practices, everything from zines to podcasts to twitter! In particular, I am passionate about how media can be used by those who are not always offered a platform in the mainstream to share their perspectives and create change. 


I’m a fourth year student at Concordia University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Film Studies. I first came onto the Right to Campus team as a volunteer helping to develop the communications of the campaign, and this past summer I was a project assistant on the creation of the Toolkit. I am passionate about working to resolve issues of gender inequality, and as a University student I think it is important to draw attention to inclusivity in academic settings. By working on this campaign, I have been able bring some of my academic learning into practice by creating media that helps raise awareness around issues that I am passionate about. 


Thank you for reading through our website! My name is Maxine Dannatt and I am a recent graduate from McGill University where I studied English Literature and Middle Eastern Studies. I started working as project assistant for Right to Campus this summer, after spending too much time thinking about the politics of space and urban design.This project presented itself as an important opportunity to think about public space and the way that identities are allowed to inhabit space. I’ve slowly come to learn that public space is often not public in the way that only certain people are allowed to feel at home in it and make decisions regarding its construction. Not everyone is given the right to feel safe in public space either. Space is dynamic and tied in with emotions and I wanted to be able to map these emotions. Right to Campus was an opportunity to apply this thinking onto the campus environment. As a small white woman I’m slowly learning to take up more space where I have been taught to hide and take up less space when others deserve more.