How to Use the Toolkit

The Toolkit is intended as a collection of resources to share knowledge, navigate the campus, and to empower students. Use it as a guide to enable you to better navigate the McGill community, on both its physical and social levels. Use it to get involved and engaged with the McGill and wider Montreal communities. Use it as a tool to foster greater connectivity between students and administration. Use it as an inspiration to promote your own activism. Find downloadable and printable zines, short animated films, maps, an ongoing list of resources, our contact information, and some helpful tips along the way. Right to Campus will also be facilitating events and workshops throughout the school year to promote safety and equity on campus, and we invite all students to participate.

The Toolkit is organized along three pillars: Inform, Navigate, and Empower.

1. Inform

This section provides a basis for the Toolkit. We believe that information and sharing of knowledge can promote productive communication and activism that furthers safety, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. This section works to define specific terms used throughout the Toolkit and terms we find useful in having conversations about safety and equity, it provides important dates to organize around to further these goals, and as well outlines some conversations happening on campus presently related to these objectives. We selected the topics for this section based on what we thought would both provide context for students when considering McGill’s social and political climate, while as well providing potential inspiration for ways to become active within the community through promoting equity and safety.

2. Navigate

This section works to help students better navigate campus and the McGill community. We hope to promote interconnectivity between students, student groups, administration, and staff by providing information for all parties to reach out to each other, should they need support in a specific area. Through outlining specific clubs and services, as well as resources and workshops available, we hope to help foster a campus environment that is increasingly accessible to students. The resources we highlight promote safety and equity on campus. This is accomplished through means such as them offering information, promoting community involvement, providing helpful resources, or offering other methods of engaging students, faculty, staff, and administration in cultivating a more safe and equitable campus where all can engage and participate.

3. Empower

This section aims to promote student activism on campus and in the wider community, in order to foster greater equity and safety at McGill. Through providing tangible examples of ways students can work to further sustainable change, we hope to enable the creation of a university environment that is increasingly accessible for and inclusive of all students.