Definitions of Terms

This list of definitions is intended to inform our use of terms throughout the Toolkit and in everyday life. We hope that by including them we can increase the accessibility of the Toolkit, by avoiding the creation of any barriers that might arise from using alienating vocabulary. We hope these definitions will also be helpful when having conversations relating to safety and equity. Importantly, these definitions are not stagnant; the way these words are defined is constantly evolving as time goes on. Moreover, this is not an all-inclusive list, many terms are missing and we encourage you to contact us if you think that we have omitted something crucial. All these terms present a diversity of meanings to different people, and these are the definitions that we found to be generally accepted, and that we therefore used in the creation of the Toolkit. Terms used to describe identities are not meant to homogenize individuals and communities. We encourage you not to assign these terms to individuals who do not self-identify with them, as many people do not identify with certains terms that are listed.