Build Your Skills

McGill’s clubs and services offer a ton of cool and informative workshops targeted towards students. They are a great way to gain insight into issues you might not be sure about, further develop your personal capacities, or even seek support for issues you might be encountering. Here is a list of key workshops you or your student group should check out! Building your skills through workshops such as these is a great way to give you the tools you need to promote a safer and increasingly equitable university culture and environment.

SACOMSS: “Community Links”

SACOMSS offers workshops for groups of people on “sexual assault sensitivity, active listening, safer spaces, supporting survivors, and more.” These workshops are also open to those who aren’t part of the McGill community!

Skills21 Program

Offered by McGill, this program is offered to McGill undergraduate students in order to provide them with skills, values and attitudes that are helpful for living in the 21st century world. The program offers five streams to chose from: Citizenship, Collaboration, Discovery, Leadership and Wellbeing. Each stream consists of a series of workshops that teaches skills related to its theme. This program is recognized on McGill’s co-curricular record, which is a document that recognizes student participation in activities outside of the classroom. Sign into myinvolvement with your McGill id in order to curate and print the CCR and add it to your CV!

SEDE Trainings

SEDE offers trainings and workshops on creating safer spaces; understanding discrimination; sexual assault support; sexual orientation and gender identity; disability, access, and universal design; indigenous perspective, race and cultural identity, as well as custom trainings designed to meet the needs of your group. SEDE also offers Indigenous Perspectives Workshops presented by the Indigenous Education Program at the SEDE office.


SEDE also houses the Cafe Collab program, which is a series of arts-based focus groups with different student communities on their experiences with the campus climate and accessing support services. The project also hosts community dinners where students, staff, and faculty use the media created in the focus groups to facilitate a discussion about how individuals and McGill can better support these communities.

Mental Health Related Workshops

Counselling and Mental Health Services offers workshops throughout the year on academic success, happiness, mindfulness, as well as Wellness Recovery Action Planning (W.R.A.P.).

R.A.D. Self Defense Workshops for Women

McGill Security Services hosts self-defense workshops for women at a cost of 20$.

Leadership Workshops

The Emerging Leaders Program is a series of workshops (each 55 minutes long) on a diversity of topics, designed with the intention of cultivating leadership-related qualities and knowledge within students. They are offered twice a year-- once in September and once in January.

University Success Workshops Series

These workshops are meant for all McGill students, and include topics such as tips for writing essays and term papers, how to prepare for and write multiple choice exams, tips for effective exam preparation, and help improving study skills.

Workshops Offered by the Office for Students with Disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) hosts a variety of workshops and seminars throughout the year. Topics include learning resources (i.e. how to balance your schedule), Universal Design for Learning, using technology (i.e. helpful study and organizational apps) and accessibility (i.e. accessible event planning)

International Student Services Workshops

These workshops include pre-arrival webinars, orientation for new international students, finding jobs in Canada, and Winter 101.

Frugal Scholar Workshops

Scholarships and Student Aid hosts a variety of workshops covering topics such as budgeting, Canadian Student Loans, Exchange/ Study Away/ Internships, Financial Stress, International Students Financial Aid, Quebec Loan Application, Quebec Loan Repayment for Graduating Students, and a tax clinic.

QPIRG Radical Skills Workshops

QPIRG offers a series of free skills-sharing and skills-building workshops designed to help you gain the tools for surviving and making change! All the workshops have a social and environmental justice framework and are built with an anti-oppression mandate.

Consent McGill Workshops

Consent McGill, created by the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education, offers workshops in order to prevent sexual violence. Their goal is to create a campus space that fosters healthy relationships and to confront sexual violence on campus. These include an Active Bystander workshop and a workshop about responding to disclosures. However, new workshops are being created and can be requested.

CL& E’s Engage McGill Workshops

Engage McGill puts together a series of workshops for the Emerging Leaders Program. These are student facilitated and are meant to help students get involved with the campus or the community. Here are the workshops that are given during the program: Exploring Leadership, Ethics, Citizenship & Culture, Power, Motivation, Communication, Being a Change Agent and Conflict Management.